Using Docker services with Netlify on the same domain

I host and I’d like to add search to the website. For many silly reasons, I want to host my own search engine, which is running in Docker on Digital Ocean at the moment. It’s running here:

Here’s the thing though, how can I proxy traffic from to go to this container? I thought all I had to do was configure a CNAME but if I do that I get a Cloudflare error.

Am I missing something?

That error is being returned from your search engine, not Netlify. You are hosting your DNS with Netlify, and you’ve added a CNAME record in the DNS panel. That’s all Netlify is doing in here. So, if you see an error page on the destination, you might have to contact the other provider.

@hrishikesh you’re correct! It seems that digital ocean demands at your add the domains to the app config as a safety mechanism. Thanks for the pointer!

To anybody reading this, go to your app page, then SETTINGS and in that menu you should see domains listed. You can add one there.

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