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Using custom subdomain to a deployed branch while having an external DNS

Hey there,

I need some help figuring out how to properly set up my DNS and if custom subdomains for deployed branches only works for netlify DNS.

I have a custom domain tiagopaiva.me and I want to point my subdomain app.tiagopaiva.me to the production branch and another subdomain (test) to a deployed branch to be my staging environment (staging.tiagopaiva.me)

I set test.tiagopaiva.me as my custom domain on Netlify and it’s working properly but when I go to staging.tiagopaiva.me it says Not Found - Request ID: 01FMWJ88G0RKS6FKWYBK0YPJDB.

  • Netlify site is: bigroadfreight.netlify.app
  • Deployed branch is: staging-switchboard–bigroadfreight.netlify.app
  • DNS is cloudflare


Hi @FleetOps_Engineer

As it say in Domain management section of the Netlify UI (see image below) and in the Branches and deploys documentation using a subdomain of a custom domain for a branch deploy requires the use of Netlify DNS:

If you use Netlify DNS, you can enable branch subdomains, so the staging branch example would deploy to staging.yourcustomdomain.com.