Using CNAME and A record in OVH to redirecte my domain to my netlify site, does it have bad effects on my SEO

Hello everybody,

I have a question about my web site, so i have an OVH domaine witch i redirect to my Netlify web site using CNAME, and A records, and I wondered if this practice can negatively impact my SEO.

Someone can help me please ?

Thanks in advance

I’m assuming this is the OVH cloud computing company we’re talking about.

So, when you say you’re using CNAME and A records, you’re not really redirecting the website, rather you’re pointing it to Netlify website so that DNS resolves somewhere. This has no real impact on SEO as this is a fundamental thing that almost all websites need.

However, note I said ‘real’ impact. It is because, when you point your domain somewhere, the speed of that server will impact your website’s SEO as search engines prefer fast websites.