Using ads with personal projects and then upgrade to business

Dear forum,
I plan on produce my content, either personal photography content or make my users promote their work using my platform.
Until the ads will make the website profitable, I would like to keep my free subscription, does the commercial aspect of my product make the website not eligible as free “personal project, hobby site, experiment” covered by the plans?
Pro plan states to be suitable for “pilot projects or small sites”, building social networks and work networks with ads, donations, in app purchase are suitable for free and pro plans if users are below plans limits or the nature of the business imply an higher plan usage?
Thanks in advance

Hi, @four. You can embedded ads on your site and still use the Starter plan.

We do require a Pro or higher plan if you plan on billing other people for sites you deploy at Netlify. For example, if you are a web designer and you make a website for a local restaurant.

If it was a friend’s restaurant and you made the website for free you could stay on Starter. However, if you billed the restaurant owner for the site you are hosting on Netlify, then a Pro plan would be required.

Again though, if you are creating our own content and monetizing that content with advertisements, that does not require a Pro plan.

Note, you may find upgrading to Pro is a better deal though if your sites get more than 100 GB of data transfer in a single billing cycle (billing cycle ≈ 1 month) . It wouldn’t be required though unless you are billing someone else for the website.

If there are other questions, please let us know.