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Using 1 seat? mentioned as collaborator in my account? I am not collabrating in any account

Hi, I was having a team Calypso, which I transferred to it’s rightful owner, and then I asked him to remove me, since the transfer was complete. The owner reported that he is not able to see the team in his account. When I cross checked in my account. I can see that I am “Currently using 1 seat” and “Created 4 sites. Collaborates on 1 team.”, this is confusing. I am not collaborating on any team as of now, as I have done the transfer. I cannot create a new team as well. This is confusing. I need to transfer couple of sites on my account to different owners. And not able to do that.

Collaborates on one team probably means that you collaborate with yourself on your primary team (Netlify App) :slight_smile: Sorry the wording is awkward, but as you say, you have no collaborators on that team.

We’ll need some more information to help you further. Please feel free to DM me these details if you do not want to share in public (particularly recommended for your collaborator’s contact details :)).

  1. what is the collaborator’s login email at Netlify? They can find it at Netlify App when they login
  2. what are the missing site or sites (hostnames or API ID’s would be good identifiers) that they cannot see, and what page URL are they expecting to see them on?
  3. nothing about your collaborator should impact your ability to do anything on our platform. What are you trying to do that you cannot do, right now? It would be helpful to hear what page you are on, what you are trying to accomplish, and what exactly the result is (or what blocks you from achieving your result - for instance a screenshot of the transfer option greyed out + the URL you saw it on would be a good identifier if you cannot complete the action).
  4. Creating a new paid team is possible for any user; creating a new free team is not intended (second + teams need to be paid if you are the primary administrator for both).

Thanks in advance for your help in troubleshooting!