Users in CMS differ from Team Members?

Client wants to have several users able to access the CMS to generate content but there won’t be people on the actual netlify dashboard. I believe we have the limited 3 team members but in the Identity tab of the dashboard we are using 4/1000 active users. What’s the difference between Team Members and Active Users? Do different OAuth providers avoid the team member limit?

Hi there,

Indeed, those are different things. Team members are people with administrative access to your netlify site - they can see & change configuration in our admin UI. Identity users are totally separate and are people with only access via identity (so probably to the CMS, but not to the Netlify dashboard). Identity users are per-site; team members are per netlify administrative team and may have access to many sites.

Doesn’t matter how folks authenticate in either case - each person is counted individually (for your team, on the team members tab; for identity, on the identity settings tab of a specific site).