User registration confirmation email not showing images

Hi. I’ve tried tinkering with the build and ended up resorting to using absolute url path ( for the image. It’s not showing in the email even with the absolute url. I made sure the image is interlaced.

Here’s my html:
<img src="" alt='logo'></img>

hi @abtx - not exactly sure this is why, but </img> is not valid HTML - img has no closing tag.

Try it without and see if this changes anything?

I’m also not sure abut the following - when enter the path in the browser, I actually land on a html page, not on an individual image. Are you sure this is the correct path?

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Hi Perry, that’s it thanks

hi @abtx - not sure what “that’s it” means - is this still an issue or is it fixed?

Hi @perry, I mean it is working now. Cheers!

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good stuff! :smiley: