Use Netlify CMS without Internet

Majority of the time When Travelling, I dont have internet connection and
I cant Use Netlify CMS + Identity locally since it needed a internet connection…

Ive set up my netlify cms to use local proxy server… So I can work faster not having to go back and forth checking the live site for update pushing and do some stuff to test in the cms…

Is there a way I can Use Locally Netlify CMS and Identity that would work without using external URL.
Or is that even possible? on the side of netlify identity… assuming ive already have a logged in user saved and im running netllfy cms proxy server…


Hi @codeitlikemiley,
I’m not sure I understand the issue.
When working with the local proxy server as described here:
the CMS should not require an Internet connection (unless you’re linking directly to online resources from markdown for example).
As for identity, when working with the local proxy the CMS won’t use identity to login (you’d get just a simple login button with no need to actually authenticate).
Is it not the case?

If the issue is just about using identity locally when accessing your site (and not the CMS), maybe you could add a client side script to not load circumvent identity when running locally?