Use Go or ESM to write On demand builders

Is it currently possible to use Go to write On Demand Builders? or just JS & typescript?

(and this might be a second topic) is it possible to write on demand builders in ESM? Or is it restricted to CommonJS/Node?

Hey there, @ericmikkelsen :wave:

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Netlify Forums! Currently, you can use JavaScript and TypeScript to write On Demand Builders. I believe this should answer both question 1 and 2, but let us know if you have any follow up thoughts!

As always, you can reference our Docs here for further information:

Hey @hillary !
Thanks for responding, all the examples I’m seeing are common js, is esm js supported?

Hi @ericmikkelsen,

Yes, On-Demand Builders are just like other Netlify Functions except for the obvious difference. You can use ESM to write those functions.