Use a domain and make a subdomain to connect to another server

I have a website here and just bought a domain at I already connected my domain with my netlify-website. Everything works fine.

The netlify website is for my Minecraft-Server. On the website, I just explain everything about the server and link my Discord for the server, etc…

Now I want to create a subdomain that leads to the Minecraft server.
The domain I bought is This leads to the website.
And now I want the subdomain which should lead to the Minecraft-Server.

I read this article and don’t get it. Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs

When I read correctly, I should not use netlifys nameservers.
So the first question: Is my DNS Provider = to my domain-provider?
Second question: I don’t see “DNS configuration” In the custom Domains tab.
Third question: what is a CNAME record?
Fourth question: What is a DNS record?

And overall, I am confused. If someone can help me personally can direct me to a good explanation, I would be very thankful.

hey @Akorian - we’re happy to help you figure this out.

this doesn’t 100% answer your question but is good reading as it does explain a bit what DNS does and how things are set up.

basically what you’ll need to do is create the subdomain you want, in this case, and then point that towards the minecraft server.

Hey @Akorian,
As it turns out, I wanted to do the same thing as you did :). I figured out how to point my Google domain (which is also connected to my Netlify site) to my Minecraft server.

Since your domain uses Netlify’s name servers, then you will have to configure your DNS settings through Netlify. So as far as I know, your domain registrar (you said domain provider) doesn’t have to also be your DNS provider.

To find your DNS settings on Netlify:

  1. Navigate to Make sure you are signed in.
  2. Click on Domains.
  3. Click on your domain. At this point should be able to see your DNS settings.

Point your subdomain to your Minecraft server:
This is based on the guide I found here:
Let’s say I had the domain and I wanted the subdomain to point to my server.
Adding an A record:

  1. Select Add new record.
  2. Record Type: A
  3. Name:
  4. IP: Minecraft server IP
  5. TTL: 3600

Adding a SRV record:

  1. Select Add new record.
  2. Record Type: SRV
  3. Name:
  4. Service: _minecraft
  5. Protocol:
  6. Priority: 0
  7. Weight: 5
  8. Port: [Minecraft server port]
  9. Target:
  10. TTL: 3600

Lastly, this article will help you to answer your last two questions:

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thank you so much for writing up this detailed how-to, @isabelle-wagenvoord!!

There are only a small team of support engineers for many hundreds of thousands of customers, and content like this makes all the difference in getting things fixed for people! :pray:

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