Usage Logs in Edge Functions

I have been working with Edge Functions to create a Rest API to get Data from Faunadb. I have successfully created the Rest API, but I am not getting Usage Logs about:

  • Invocations Times
  • CPU Time
  • Memory Usage

These Logs are very much useful because I need to be sure my Rest API is running as expected as there are limitations on Edge Functions. Also these Logs tells what goes wrong as the Edge Functions run.

Since Edge Functions are in a very very early stage, the current setup is supposed to be minimal. We do not have that information yet, but we could file that as a feature request.

About invocation times, you could probably use console.time().

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Yes, these features are not very much needed right now as Edge Functions are New, but think about these features carefully. Thanks :+1:.

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amancoder, i have passed your feedback on edge functions back to the product team for you.

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Thanks, I have seen Usage Logs in Cloudflare Workers, Deno Deploy & Fastly Compute@Edge, because resources are limited at the Edge knowing how much resources an App is using is very much useful to decide whether the App should be running in Edge Functions or in Serverless Functions.