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URL proxying/rewriting partially working

Hey guys,

I am having trouble with URL proxying/rewriting. This is my “_redirects” file:

/blog     https://myblog.webflow.io 200
/blog/*  https://myblog.webflow.io/posts/:splat 200

/blog does not work but /blog/* works.

How can I fix this? I would like “/blog” to work.

Hi @BellotaSeguros, welcome to the community.

200 vs 200!

/blog     https://myblog.webflow.io 200 

Only rewrites the proxy path when there is no endpoint at /blog (/blog/index.html)

/blog     https://myblog.webflow.io 200!

Forces the rewrite path whether there is an enpoint or not at /blog

Do you have a valid endpoint (index.html) at /blog ?

You could try forcing the rewrite path and see if that works or delete the blog/index.html file from your deployed site.

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