Urgent: Primary domain still not working + Redirect subdomain

  • We have dafo.netlify.app working super well.

  • Then, I switched the nameservers to the Netlify ones for my primary domain dafo.club. My DNS records are now managed directly in the Netlify admin.

  • It looks like working but even after clearing my caches I see a blank white page when opening https://dafo.club

  • I have been able to set MX records for my email providers and that works well. It’s only showing the dafo.netlify.app website with the www.dafo.club domain that is not working.

  • Lastly, I need to setup a subdomain forwarding: e.g. abc.dafo.club opening a full URL similar to www.linkedIn.com/abc, how can I do it with a DNS record? CNAME or A?

Thanks a ton!

Hi there! You have a DNS zone set up for dafo.club, but it’s not currently connected to any site. Did you recently remove the domain?

Use this tool to check your DNS propagation: