Urgent: I cannot add a custom domain because it says it is already managed by Netlify on another account

My site name is findnewsletters.netlify.com. I am getting the following error when adding findnewsletters.com as a custom domain:
findnewsletters.com or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team.

I understand that this is because it used to be managed on another account (I acquired this website some time ago), but the previous owner has removed the domain and deleted the site from his account entirely. I have already added a TXT record with the value “Please verify for findnewsletters.netlify.com” as I did not have a case number.

This is really urgent as I have certain campaigns planned out. I really appreciate your help and thanks in advance!

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Never mind, it’s fixed! We had to remove the domain from the other account from the DNS Zone as well, not just the specific website, which we missed. For anyone facing the same issue, check the “Domains” tab in your previous profile!