Urgent: Can't send Netlify Identity user invites

Site id: 9f24559c-5632-4038-878f-dd66c105c33e

If your user database is still empty, you could try to disable and re-enable Netlify Identity.

@tomrutgers I disabled and re-enabled Identity and things got working again, but it seems to break when I set a custom invitation template. I’ve set the path to /email-templates/invite-user.html and deployed, but then I get the error when I try to add a user.

I think it’s due to an error in the docs. You list the following as the default template for invitation emails…

…so I coped it and made a few changes to the wording. But the href attribute should surely be {{ .SiteURL }}/#invite_token={{ .Token }} not {{ .ConfirmationURL }}, right?

Can you post the custom template contents?

Also make sure to download your latest deploy sand make sure your template doesn’t have a html, head and body tag.

You shouldn’t use the default templates. Agreed that this should probably be mentioned in the docs.

# Invitation: 
{{ .SiteURL }}/some/path/#invite_token={{ .Token }}

# Confirmation:
{{ .SiteURL }}/some/path/#confirmation_token={{ .Token }}

# Password recovery: 
{{ .SiteURL }}/some/path/#recovery_token={{ .Token }}

# Email change:
{{ .SiteURL }}/some/path/#email_change_token={{ .Token }}

My custom template is

<p>You have been invited to create your
  account on {{ .SiteURL }}.</p>
<p>Follow the link below to accept your invite and set your desired password:</p>
<p><a href="{{ .SiteURL }}/welcome/#invite_token={{ .Token }}">Accept The Invite</a></p>

I posted the ones I use for Netlify CMS here: [Common Issue] Netlify CMS & Git Gateway - Email not confirmed

But at the moment I can’t even send the invites, because of the error in my initial post.

It seems if I’m using a custom email address to send Identity emails and then I make any kind of change to the email template paths then I’ve to re-enter my ‘server login password’ in the ‘outgoing email address’ section to get things working again. This isn’t mentioned in the docs and took a whole day of trial and error to figure out.

Thanks for reporting back @chocobuckle. That doesn’t sound like it’s intended behavior, I reckon you caught an Identity bug.

cc @Dennis

Thanks for the at-mention @tomrutgers! I’ll look into the issue and get that filed. :+1:

Hi @chocobuckle, I’ve been trying to reproduce the issue in order to get that bug filed but unfortunately, I’ve not been able to repro it. Could you tell me what email service are you using and any steps you took to set things up (in relation to this feature)? Thanks for your patience!

We’re using Blacknight for the emails. SMTP server host: mail.blacknight.com, server port: 587. Everything is working fine now I must say - but only because I haven’t changed the email template since. I’m a bit hesitant to start making changes to the email template again to test if it’s still giving the same problems, so if you’d like you can close this ticket off in the meantime, unless I encounter similar problems on another project.

On a side note: can you tell me if Netlify Identity has full compatibility with Internet Explorer? We had a few folks (there’s always some!) using IE while accepting email invites last week, and they reported problems. As soon as they switched to Chrome they were able to sign up without problems. But I’m not sure if the issue was Identity specific or something else. Do you know of any issues to be aware of when using Identity on IE?

Hi! I’ll take a look at blacknight.com and see if I can replicate with that provider. But do let me know if you do have a need to change the template and the issue recurs.

That said, as far as IE support, we haven’t explicitly ensured that we support it, so I’m not too surprised that it isn’t working. I would recommend that those folks at least use MS Edge.

Hope that helps.