URGENT, cannot access account

I use netlify cms to manage my website. For awhile, I didn’t use it, but when I tried to login today, I was unable to do so.

Account Email: admin@natanada.com
Site: https://epic-kowalevski-0b3427.netlify.app

Please help me regain access ASAP!
If there is more information you need, please let me know.

@armaandh The site that you’ve linked to doesn’t seem to exist.

Are you sure you mean “Netlify CMS” (which is no longer supported and it became Decap CMS)?

Or do you just mean your main Netlify account?

For account/login issues you can follow this support guide:

[Support Guide] HELP! I can’t login to my Netlify account!

hi :wave:t6: it looks like your account has been enabled. Let me know if you have any questions.