Upgrade Netlify Build to pnpm v8?

pnpm v8 was released on Mar 27

Would it be possible to make it the version that is in the Netlify build image?

I would do a PR, but this is not open source anymore :grimacing:

Since the version can be fairly easily configured: Manage build dependencies | Netlify Docs, I don’t believe the default will change so soon, at least not unless there’s high demand for the default to be changed.

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Ok - when do you think that it would change? 2 or 3 months after v8 release? (eg. start of June or July?)

Just as a note: One thing that is nice about the new pnpm v8 version is that it aligns with npm behavior with automatic installation of peer dependencies (auto-install-peers = true is default now)

hi @karlhorky - Unfortunately, we can not provide a firm timeline of when exactly the default would be updated. I realize this not the update you were hoping for here.

Thank you for the insight into your preference for pnpm v8!

Not sure when this happened, but a recent deploy shows pnpm is now on version 8.9.2:

8:28:19 PM: Installing npm packages using pnpm version 8.9.2

Thanks for following up and confirming - I’m glad to see that things seem to be working well!