Updating MongoDB with mongoose and lambda-functions

Site Name - https://selftaught-dev.com/ (happy-hugle-97373a)

I’m trying to create a new user from my signup page (https://selftaught-dev.com/sign-up/) and add the user to a MongoDB instance with a lambda-function (https://github.com/ghughes13/Portfolio-v2/blob/master/src/functions/newUser.js) but every time I submit I get a 502 from the server.

When I look in the logs I can see that there was a timeout error.

4:28:47 PM: 2020-09-14T21:28:47.840Z	d9efa9ca-9d51-40cc-ab3c-e910182aafac	INFO	No Error; Trying to save to DB
4:28:57 PM: Duration: 10010.17 ms	Memory Usage: 84 MB	Init Duration: 278.68 ms	
4:28:57 PM: 2020-09-14T21:28:57.843Z d9efa9ca-9d51-40cc-ab3c-e910182aafac Task timed out after 10.01 seconds

It logs “No Error; Trying to save to DB” which is right before the ‘save’ function:

  console.log("No Error; Trying to save to DB")

  newUser.save(err => {
    if (err) {
    } else {
      console.log("saved data!")

so I believe it’s either not getting a response back from the DB (which it’s on https://www.mongodb.com/cloud/atlas) or it’s not even posting to the DB.

I’ve been able to get it to post with node.js locally, but can’t figure it out when I try to convert it to serverless. I know I’m probably just doing something dumb, so if anyone could shed some light on what it is, that’d be appreciated.

Also, I know I’m putting ‘sensitive’ info on git. I’m just playing around/trying to learn right now. There’s nothing in the DB right now and once I get it working I’ll delete the DB and start from scratch.


Firstly, welcome to the community!

Regarding your function – I’ve not used mongoose in lambda-function before so pardon if this question is obvious. Is the newUserModel.save() call returning a promise? If so, have you considered making your function async?

That said, maybe adding some more console.logs to give you a better idea on if the function was able to connect to your database would be useful.