Updates to running split testing branch are not published

Hi, I have a question regarding split testing.
I have the following split setup

  • 1 branch master with the default production environment at 50%
  • 1 branch seo_opt_1 with a deploy preview at 50%

Lets say i want to rebuild my site because I published a new article to for example contentful.
I trigger a new deploy either by a build hook or manually from the UI. This allows visitors that get the master branch experiment to see the updated build, but those that get the seo_opt_1 experiment are stuck with the old build and can’t see the new article.

I can’t figure out if this is how it’s intended but it seems to be this way. So what I figured then is that i should rebuild the seo_opt_1 preview deploy and that would update the split test automatically but for those visitors that get the seo_opt_1 experiment. But even after redeploys i keep getting the old version. I even tried pushing a new commit in case it was somehow linked to commit hashes.

Is there any obvious thing that I’m missing on how to promote changes to deploys that are part of a split test?

Hi there, @newxan :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! This is a great question.

I see you have opened two threads that include the same question. I am going to close this thread, and we can continue the conversation on the following: Support form on https://www.netlify.com/support/ is not working

We ask that folks keep related questions on a single thread in order to streamline support. Thanks!