Update domain name

Hi, I just got my domain a day ago and I typed the wrong name, what can I do to update the domain name?


@argenis Typically, it is not possible to “update” the name of any registered domain. Your only option at this point is to buy the domain name you were originally trying to buy, and then redirect traffic to the misspelled domain name to the correctly-spelled one.

Is it possible to get a refund for the one I don’t want then and just buy the one I want?

Hi, @argenis, we do not issues refunds for domain name registrations unless there was a mistake or error caused by Netlify. This does not appear to be the case with this custom domain.

If you don’t wish to keep this domain name please be certain to disable the auto-renewal for this domain and that will ensure you are not billed for it again.

I understand you were hoping for a different answer and if there are other question we will do our best to answer.

Thanks for your reply