Upcoming changes to Netlify plans

hi there weotch, great question.

we are not planning on monitoring active members versus inactive members at this time, so we recommend being mindful of removing non-contributing team members. That being said, we do have special plans for agencies. If you have not already, please fill out our form here so that we can work directly to support you! If you you have any further questions, please let us know :slight_smile:


Have to say, our team is pretty frustrated by the change to git contributors and the rollout of these changes.

While I appreciate that this post has been around since Mar 1, we (nor our clients) received any notice of this until today and seemingly came in via the marketing list – after the changes had been implemented. It shouldn’t be on us to check the support forums every day for breaking changes and post-implementation notice is not enough. If we did this with a client, there’s a very good chance we’d be fired.

We understand and appreciate that Netlify needs to make money and this is one way to ensure that we pay per dev, but the lack of notice and the profound changes to workflow here have disrupted our operations. Don’t get us wrong, we very much appreciate the improvements to the build minutes, bandwidth, etc.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve been very satisfied with the feature set and ease-of-use Netlify provides, but this has caused us to reassess continued use if this is how breaking changes are going to be handled.


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hi folks - @eggmaster , @emish89 ,@cosmicneil and anyone else following along -

totally hear your frustration(s), and we will speak to that as soon as we can.

in the mean time, if you haven’t shared your team name (or a site in the affected team, API ID is safe to share) with us here, please do!

reason I am asking for this info:

  • i want to know how many committers you have and
  • i am going to try and find out if we sent you an email informing you of this change (which was supposed to happen)

absolutely not trying to stifle or censor debate or critique around this, just trying to get some information on your individual situations to see whats up for you on a case by case basis.


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Team id: bean

currently clearing my schedule to deal with all my annoyed clients w/ can’t update their websites and at the same time work to migrate all my clients off this platform ASAP!

hello vercel + render!


i can’t read that smile as anything but condescending based on what has happened this morning


please keep the information coming. we are currently investigating whether accounts should be affected by these changes - more info when we have it.

yes - we have “more than 6 team members” so somehow - we’re an enterprise

we are 100% affected

we read you loud and clear:


@perry our team ID is account-zdbty

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hey account, can you tell me which team or site in a team this is regarding, please?

This is such a bad decision. I have an agency working in my private repos and now you’re telling me I have to pay an additional $19 per developer for them just to see their creations?

And furthermore, if I grow to have more than 7 of us, I then am forced to upgrade to an Enterprise plan ($99 per seat per month) totaling at minimum to host a site for $792 a month…?

No one is going to be happy about this, I could go to AWS, Vercel, or any other competitor for cents on the dollar to do the exact same thing. Not even Github charges this insane amount, (it’s $2 per seat a month) and Github is infinitely more valuable than what Netlify provides at the moment.

This is a horrible move.


hi brian, can you please tell me which team or site in a team this affects? we need this info from everyone so we can try to help. thanks.

Pro team, you should be able to find us by our sites: sharp-dubinsky-a3d4d, flamboyant-hoover-00e166 and 3 others

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Add us to the frustrated customers. I did receive the email back in March but after reading that you were making “small” changes, I didn’t give it too much thought. I don’t consider a minimum 300% increase in our costs a small change.
I can’t even match my github to the main team member because I contribute to another Netlify team and it says the GitHub account has already been used in another team! I have to create separate github accounts if I want to contribute to multiple accounts?
We only have four developers at the moment but if we get a couple more, we have to get an enterprise account? That’s assuming we are OK with a 300% increase in our monthly costs. I had just conviced our team to move to Netlify and now it seems we will have to find something else.


djthul, can you share any identifying information about your account, please? thank you

Is enterprise $99? it doesnt even say on their pricing page

Business is $99 a seat, i can only imagine what enterprise would cost

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This has completely broken our workflow. We’re a community platform with dozens of contributors that come in and out. I’m already managing github seats to keep costs down. Fortunately, those are only $4/seat. $19 per contributor per month to a website is insane. I thought I could just approve it, but you’ve completely blocked our entire development process with ZERO notice. What the actual ****


Render.com is another option if you also need standard web server style hosting

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