Upcoming change: Redirect from non-www domain to www domain only works with the apex domain

Historically, when you have a site with a primary custom domain set as www + a subdomain (www.subdomain.example.com), we’ve automatically redirected requests for the non-www domain (subdomain.example.com) to the www subdomain. However, our intended behavior is to only do this if the non-www domain is the apex domain (example.com).

We are going to fix the current behavior to match the intended behavior. Below are some examples of how it’s going to change.

Previous behavior:

New behavior:

If you want to also serve foo.example.com with the same site, please make sure to add it as a domain alias.

You can read more about Apex domains and www subdomains in our docs site (Sites with multiple domains | Netlify Docs).

This change will affect less than 400 customers.

We plan to ship this fix within a few weeks. Also, we will be reaching out to the customers who are currently relying on this behavior via email in a few days. For these sites, we have a plan to run a migration to add such domains as a domain alias prior to the behavior change, so that we’ll keep serving the site as is even after the fix.

We will update this post once the fix is completed.


This fix is completed.