Unsecure Connection From WWW Netlify App

I use custom domain to redirect from angora.netlify.app to angora.me

When I visit https://www.angora.me or https://angora.netlify.app it’s automatically redirect to https://angora.me as I expected.

But when I visit https://www.angora.netlify.app I got an error unsecure connection. Even after I add redirect line code on netlify.toml, it’s still unsecure and can’t redirect to angora.me. How to fix it?

hi there, it seems to be working now, bayuAngora.

Sometimes it just takes a little time:

Still no redirect from here. Are you sure you visit through this link? https://www.angora.netlify.app/

Hi, @BayuAngora, there are no subdomains under the site name allowed. That means this domain name does point to a Netlify site:

  • angora.netlify.app

However, no subdomains under angora.netlify.app will work. The domain names below are not associated with any sites at Netlify and there is no way to add them:

  • www.angora.netlify.app
  • foo.angora.netlify.app
  • bar.angora.netlify.app

There is no way to add subdomains under the site name for the netlify.app domain. If you require custom subdomains, a custom domain is required first.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

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Thanks, for your answer.