Unlink sites from GitHub

Can I request to unlink these three sites from GitHub to prevent auto-build?


I am setting up an external CI to build and deploy using Netlify CLI.

Thank you.

Enter the project from the web and select Deploys - Stop auto publishing.
This removes Deploy from Git Repo.
You can also delete settings in Deploy settings.

By the way, Netlify CLI can be deployed regardless of Git status.

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Thanks, technically it stopped deploying from GitHub now. Thanks so far.

Weirdly in the web UI it still says Deploys from GitHub, where it should say Manual deploys. I can’t really unlink from the repository, right?


Depends. What you’ve done is turn off automated deploys to your production URL’s, but not builds. You’ve put in a “dummy” build command to prevent those.

We have a setting which we can enable for you which:

If you’d like that, you can put your command back once I do it in the database for you, @niklasravnsborg . Just let me know!

Thanks Chris, I think the best would be to just unlink the repository itself, so it doesn’t say “Deploys from GitHub” anymore. But your option also sounds good to me.

Take care!

thanks @niklasravnsborg. We’re evaluating this & will update here if there is something to share on this :muscle: