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Unlink repository

Hi, @radiotryne. The repository has been unlinked.

@luke @perry please help me unlink my site: zcong-blog

h there, we have unlinked your site! have fun. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Please help me unlink my github repo to my site named renjiroazhar.


Hello, Please help me unlink my site: adoring-murdock-83c3f0

Hi there, @Scurse :wave: we have unlinked this!


Could you please unlink my site:
API ID: c49d5eee-8d7e-4542-9b28-9a1ff85b7591


It has been unlinked, @VedanshGoenka.

Hey, can you unlink my site as well? It is at RePack: Enabling the reused battery revolution. I’ve deleted the app from netlify as we have custom deployment process now.

Hi there, @Radu_Achihai :wave: Welcome to the Netlify Forums! We have unlinked this repository.

hi, can you unlink my project, site name: moonrat-swap?
Thank you @hillary @luke

Hi @activator,

That should be done now.

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Hi there, may I also ask to unlink the building from a bitbucket repo of my Netlify site? here’s the link


thank you :pray:

Hi @SRFeesha,

It has been done!

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thank you very much for your super fast support :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :pray:

https://wizardly-ritchie-95274e.netlify.app/ unlink githab, pls

Hi @ALexanderMarginal,

It has been done!