Unlink old account

Hi folks,

A long time ago I set up a netlify account to build pr previews as “open-life-science-preview” for GitHub - open-life-science/open-life-science.github.io: A mentoring program for Open Life Science. I no longer have access to the account that created this preview site, and I need it to be disconnected from my github repo. How can I unlink it?


Hi, @yoyehudi. We can only make changes to sites at Netlify if we are authorized to do so by the account owner. We would need you to email us from the account owner’s email address before we could make any changes to the site.

Thanks - the GitHub account or the Netlify account? I have access to the GitHub only.

Hi, @yoyehudi. The only identifier we have at Netlify is the team owner’s email address used for login at Netlify. The request would need to come from that email address in order for us to make a change to the account or sites.

If you can login to Netlify, you can see (and change) that email address here: