Unlink github account

Hi I need to unlink my github account for my site onixliving.mx

Click on your account name at the far right of the header. By default you are in the Account Settings tab. Click Linked Accounts & Services. Click Unlink GitHub .

@Carlie, @onixrealestate wants to unlink just one website and not the entire account. What you’ve suggested would do the latter. Currently, the only way to unlink a website from repo is to either contact the Support team or delete the website and start a new one.

Ok if i have solution then i tell you and sorry for that answer.

Hi, @onixrealestate. I want to be sure I understand.

Do you want us to unlink the GitHub repository from the site so you can do manual deploys instead? If so, please confirm and we will be happy to do so.

If something else is required, would you please explain in more detail about what is needed?