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Unexpected URL routing after choosing domain alias

Hello everyone,

My Netlify site is ‘React App’ or ‘friskybunnies.com

I recently re-built my Squarespace site and transfered the GoDaddy domain from there to Netlify. My routing used to be ‘/’ by default and ‘/design’ ‘/writing’ ‘/contact’ etc for each page. After entering ‘friskybunnies’ as the alias in Netlify, the routing added a ‘#’ symbol, so that routing is now ‘/#’ by default and ‘#/design’ ‘#/writing’ ‘#/contact’ etc for each page.

I prefer routing to be as I had it before. Do you know what this has happened, and what I can do to change it?

Thanks much,

Edit: I’ve found the answer to this, and it has to do with my code, not with Netlify. I’m not sure how to delete this comment, but I’ve found my answer.

Hi @Friskybunnies

Great that you’ve found the answer to your own question. Can you share your answer for posterity (should anyone else have the same question in the future) :smiley: