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Unexepected Behavior with Notification Emails

Netlify Site Name: eager-darwin-588c00

I confirmed that all of the data that was entered into the form fields is showing in the dashboard. Each field has a unique name attribute.

Some labels are reused on my form. For example, there are three places where a phone number is requested in different sections of the form. The input element names are unique such as clientPhoneNumber and parentPhoneNumber. The confirmation email includes only the last element that has the same unique label.

Expected Behavior: Confirmation email would match the form field label or element name and corresponding response from the form input as shown in the dashboard.

Actual Behavior: Duplicate labels result in the email listing only one phone number, email, etc when multiple uniquely named fields share a label: <label for="...">Phone Number</label> even though the dashboard contains all form content as expected.

Hi @mathieusteele, welcome to the community.

This is actually a known issue (see here Form fields with the same label are being overwritten on email notifications).

That said, I have added your voice to the issue where we are tracking this. For now, you’ll need to use unique labels to work around the issue until we can get it fixed.

Thank you for reporting the issue.

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