Unable to verify your identity and reinstate your Netlify account. Please help

Hi. @Naman895 :wave:t6:, I can see you also PM’d me. Can you please follow the instructions outlined in the support guide here?

I have already followed this process but now how I create a thread as written

@Naman895 Have you waited “2 to 3 business days” (which means Monday - Friday days for the San Francisco area)?

Yes, i have also got mail that resolve your problem by visiting support forums that’s why i have reached here

That’s probably an old or unrelated message.

The current procedure is to fill out the form as explained in the support guide.

It creates a support ticket that is handled by the correct team.

Creating a thread is a fallback ONLY if you haven’t heard back in 3 business days.
To catch situations where an email may have gone to spam or been misplaced etc.

If you have lodged that form, and waited the correct amount of time, you can create the thread.
Creating the thread won’t circumvent anything though, or speed things up, it will just get the forum support team to make sure the ticket exists or raise it with the fraud & abuse team.

Use the New Topic button to create your thread.

Set the Category to Admin

Name the thread something like “Have not received reply to support ticket” and then provide the relevant details of when you lodged the ticket, etc.

Your case with Netlify Support (279441) has a new response, included below. If you have any follow-up questions or comments, please reply to this email.

We have received your message about your log in issue. We’ll need you to provide a screenshot(s) of the error you are facing as well as the associated email address before our team can analyze this request.

Thank you,

I have received this mail

Did you reply to that email and provide that information?

Yes I have provided with screenshots and email

@Naman895 Then create the thread.


  • I don’t work for Netlify, so can’t do anything for you.
  • I can see that you’re responding via email.
    If you want to create a new thread, you’ll need to actually visit the Netlify forums to do so:

Hi @Naman895 :wave:t6: thank you for your patience. I can see your Netlify account is now active. Thanks for writing in.