Unable to verify invited accounts (Netlify Identity)

Hi Netlify community – I’m evaluating adding Netlify Identity to my Netlify-hosted site and am unable to verify invited accounts.

  1. In the Vue component for the route I’m trying to protect, I’m importing the ‘netlify-identity-widget’ NPM module, and init() and open() it.
  2. In the Netlify UI I’ve added an email address and clicked on the link with the invite token ( https://netlifyhostedsite.tld/#invite_token=… ). I’ve also tried appending the #invite_token=… bit to https://netlifyhostedsite.tld/route/I/try/to/protect/

When entering the email in the login modal, it continues to say “Email not confirmed”.

I’ve looked through the docs and forums but haven’t found a solution. I might be missing an entire step.

Thanks in advance,

Hi, you’ll also want to make sure your root path (https://site.tld/) has netlify-identity-widget initialized on it. Once you do that, the invite link should work.