Unable to verify DNS configuration for my application

Hello There! I just finished my website and am trying to deploy it. im new with netlify, so im not too experienced. i paid for my domain already and now im trying to do the dns configuration but its a bit confusing. When i clicked on verify tls i get ’ DNS verification was successful’ and now i click on provision certificate and i get ‘missing certificate’ so i dont know what to do now. it also says ’ Check your domain’s name servers

Log in to the account you have with your domain provider, and make sure your name servers are set to the following hostnames:’ and i gotta copy and paste whats there but i dont know where. if anyone can direct me the right way i will appreciate it.

Hello there, @iizzylca :wave:

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Just to reiterate, it sounds like you are having trouble getting your SSL certificate. Is that correct?

The first step here is just ensuring that your DNS is set up correctly. This guide covers how to set up DNS, both external or Netlify. Take a read through this and make sure that you followed all of these steps!

The second guide outlines getting SSL certificates set up. Please look at this and let me know if this guide, or the links it connects to, answers your question!

Thank you! another issue im having is when my page is iddled for a bit, or if im in a certain page and i go back my page says the link its broken and gives me an 404 error, its really frustrating, bc if i try to refresh or go back, it will keep saying the same thing. what should i do for this?

Hi @iizzylca ,

Can you share your custom domain name as well as your netlify site information? Also, take a look at this Support Guide for some helpful next steps.

yes my site is stackedsandwichshopnyc.com and im sorry but what netlify site information. im new to this and i really dont know much about it.

Hi there @iizzylca ,

No need to apologize at all! Everyone is new at some point :netliheart:

“Netlify site information” in this case would be your API ID and the site name that Netlify provides. Here is a screenshot of where you can find that:

Your API ID is safe to share publicly on the forums.

@iizzylca DNS propagation can take up to 48 hours, but it seems as though yours has propagated successfully. Your DNS settings look good to me and your site seems to load fine for me in Arizona.

Great point, @gregraven ! Thanks for chiming in!

@iizzylca , if you want to read more about what @gregraven shared, you can check out this link!

Hi, @iizzylca. The page not found issue is because your site is using client side routing so you need this a “single-page app” (SPA) redirect rule. We have a support guide about this here:

If there are any questions after reading that support guide, please let us know.

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got it thank you so much ! 83daab3d-13fb-432f-b081-05de5eae3607 thats the id.

i just did that and im going to test it out now to see if it works. also what about my base directory, its empty at this moment.

I just did it now but it still gave me an error after i went to a certain page and then refreshed. once again it gave me an 404 error

the only routes i have are : https://www.stackedsandwichshopnyc.com/ https://www.stackedsandwichshopnyc.com/menu

i just noticed as well, if i manually type sandwichsandwichshop.com/menu or /about in the browser i will get an error as well, it only works when i click on the link that takes me there. so overall it breaks when i attempt to manually type the url to a specific route or if i refresh the page.

sorry for all these messages lol but i keep finding stuff that relates to this. after doing what you suggested, im also getting this error when pushing changes and re-deploying my site.

9:43:13 AM:   Configuration error                                           
9:43:13 AM: ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
9:43:13 AM: ​
9:43:13 AM:   Error message
9:43:13 AM:   Deploy did not succeed: Deploy directory '* /index.html 200' does not exist
9:43:13 AM: ​
9:43:13 AM:   Resolved config
9:43:13 AM:   build:
9:43:13 AM:     command: npm run build
9:43:13 AM:     commandOrigin: ui
9:43:14 AM:     publish: /opt/build/repo/* /index.html 200```

Hi, @iizzylca. It looks like you entered the redirect rule as your publish directory.

There is more information about how to create redirect rules here:

If you have questions about that documentation, please let us know.