Unable to upload deploy content on site

My deploys fail when manually uploading them. site: https://silly-tiramisu-e02295.netlify.app/
here are console logs I get

hi there, so, what you included here is a console output screenshot - but you mentioned it is your deploys that are failing.

can you link or paste a recent failing deploy log, please?

Here is the log. Isn’t console output more informative than deploy log ? :slight_smile:

Hello, I am having the same issue!
I usually deploy my react projects manually (uploading the build folder directly to Netlify) without any issues. Usually production takes a couple of seconds to go live BUT today for some unknown reason uploads get stuck on “Deploy in progress” and “Creating deploy upload records”. I have tried creating a new project and have tried with different builds which work and have been working just fine throughout the year but now any new manual deploy seems to get stuck on Netlify’s “robots are busy deploying your site to our CDN” indefinitely. Any help or solution will be greatly appreciated!

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I believe that “Drag & Drop” deploys may be broken currently.

You can upload via the Netlify CLI in the meantime:

Thank you for your prompt response! Hope it gets resolved soon. Will be switching to CLI in the meantime.

hi there, just in case you missed this, we released a fix:

i am closing this thread - if you have follow up issues with drag n drop, please comment on that new thread, thanks!