Unable to update website with new information

Hi Team,

My site (soumya-ranjan-sahoo.netlify.app) is linked to my git repo for continuous deployment. But unfortunately, the changes that I make in the repo are not reflected on the site.

Please note that I am trying to add content and update my site after 9 months, and therefore I am not entirely sure if there is any change in terms/policies that I should be aware of.

I kindly request your help with a quick resolution here. Thank you!

Hi @soumya-ranjan-sahoo,

Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the Netlify Support Forum!

I see within your site’s deploys page that there was a successful deploy earlier today, but deploys since that time have failed. Were there any changes made between the successful deploy and the failed deploys?

The error in the failed deploy log is similar to the error in this Netlify forum post. Does the solution work for you?

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