Unable to track h5 files


I am attempting to deploy a GitHub Repository using Netlify. The App is a flask based website. I have been trying to deploy the site but I keep getting this error:

It seems for some reason my model (stored in an h5 file) is not being loaded. I tried the same on my local machine and it works so I know the file is not corrupted.
An important point to note would be that these files are greater the 1.5GB and hence are tracked on GitHub using LFS.

Our CDN is not suitable for deploying 1.5 GB files, regardless of whether you store then in LFS or not. I’d not deploy those to our CDN.

But I guess since we aren’t running python at browse time, that’s during build, and maybe your deployed files are normal sized. Have you otherwise configured us for LFS? (setting GIT_LFS_ENABLED and GIT_LFS_FETCH_INCLUDE as mentioned here: https://docs.netlify.com/configure-builds/environment-variables/#netlify-configuration-variables)