Unable to set www as primary domain


I’m trying to set www.capsule-architecture.be as primary custom domain (instead of apex domain) for the site hilarious-capsule-website.netlify.app but always get the following error:

We're provisioning a certificate for your site, you cannot change custom domains until that process completes

Thing is the said process will never complete as my client is not using Netlify DNS and has setup a CNAME redirection to hilarious-capsule-website.netlify.app as instructed in the docs, but should work once I can setup www as primary domain, which I can’t do because of the ongoing process… You get the idea, I seem to be stuck in a loop here :sweat_smile:

I’ve already tried to remove and add back the custom domain, and if I try to add www.capsule-architecture.be as custom domain the “www.” part is stripped from the url.

And I also have other sites running with a similar DNS setup successfully working but I can’t find what is different is this case that could prevent me from configuring it properly.

Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance!

Hi @hilarious-dev,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s support forums.

I see that the provisioning of the certificate has now failed - so you should be able to make your changes to set the www subdomain as the Primary domain. You’ll need to click the Options button to the right of www.capsule-architecture.be and select Set as primary domain. This can be found here. Can you please give it a try and let us know how it goes?

Hi @Melvin,

Thanks for the quick response!

Unfortunately I still get the error when trying to change the primary domain. IIRC for other sites I indeed was able to change it once the provisioning failed but not this time, I can’t get why.

Found the solution!

I didn’t have a direct access to the DNS configuration so I had to back and forth with my client, turns out there was an A record pointing to the old server.

I requested a change to point the record to Netlify’s load balancer and after a few hours I was able to provision the certificate and set www as primary domain.

Everything looks fine now :slight_smile:

Hi @hilarious-dev :wave:t6: , welcome back thanks for reaching out and sharing your solution.