Unable to see changes from github to Netlify

I made changes to my code, I pushed the changes to Github too. The deployment log also shows published changes. However, no changes can be seen on the website.

My site is as follows:

What can be done to rectify this? Thank you.

Hi @mehr-creates,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forum!

I do see a change between the first deploy: https://63d0a69be86bb17cf91609cc--musical-faloodeh-8e7ccb.netlify.app/

and the second deploy: https://63d1d8d8568ea100093bd63d--musical-faloodeh-8e7ccb.netlify.app/

You can also see what files get changed by going to the deploy log and downloading a copy of the deploy:

Do you see the changes in the downloaded copy of the deploy?

Nevermind, it is working now. Thank you.

Hey Melvin,
Sorry to disturb you but I did git push, commit, and add. Despite that, the changes are not being reflected. Could you please guide me on the same? Thank you.

Hi @mehr-creates , thanks so much for coming back and sharing that you were able to resolve your problem.