Unable to reset password

I forgot my netlify password and when I try to reset it I am not getting any mail what to do?

I have checked the spam folder also there are no emails regarding reset from netlify.

Hello @p.harikesh409 ,

Welcome to the Netlify Forums! Thanks for reaching out with this question.

After a bit of digging on my end, it seems I am going to need some support from my team getting this resolved for you. We will get working on this.

Stay tuned to this thread, and if anything changes on your end in the meantime please let us know.

Think we got this fixed up for you now, @p.harikesh409 - one of my teammates found duplicate signins for you in our user database and tried to fix it but missed one step; I just got that last step fixed. Could you try resetting your password once more at Netlify App and let me know if you get the mail now?

I have successfully reset my password but as soon as I login I am getting 404 page not found.
Find the below image:

Well, phooey. This duplicate account issue that my colleague found is pretty hard to clean up. I think the easiest way to fix it will be this:

  1. have you sign up with a different email address. You can use something like “you+netlify@gmail.com” (+anything on a gmail address delivers to your main address, but will not clash with your existing login in our database)
  2. I’ll transfer the sites to this new login. No downtime will occur before or during.
  3. I’ll remove all traces of the old logins at your “real” email address
  4. you can change your email address back to the “real” version to work with going forward.

If this is ok, I can get that finished on sunday (around 48 hours from now), if you sign up (and verify that new login) and DM me the new email address before then.

I don’t see any option to do an DM so as suggested by you I have created an new account with email address p.harikesh409+netlify@gmail.com, kindly transfer my sites to this account and also tell me the steps to revert back to my original account.

Hi, @p.harikesh409. You should see the sites under the new team now.

If you want to change the email address back to just p.harikesh409@gmail.com that will be possible now as well.

You can change that email address here:


If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

Hi @luke I have changed the email address back to p.harikesh409@gmail.com but I am unable to connect this account with my GitHub account can you please help me with that?

Hi, @p.harikesh409. I unlinked the GitHub account from the previous accounts now.

Would you please try linking it again?

Thanks @luke now I am able to link my accouts.

Sorry it took so long, @p.harikesh409, but I am happy we have gotten it resolved now.