Unable to remove the domain heikki.fr on heikki-studio.netlify.app

Hello, I’ve added the wrong domain on my netlify custom domain,
and I can’t remove it!
It tolds me that I need to wait for the https certificate, but the certificate waiting for dns resolve so i’m in a infinite loop!
Can you please remove the heikki.fr domain?
Thanks :slight_smile:

The site id: d84dd4bb-4fb9-4d8a-89a9-986dd744001b


hmm strange can you send a screen grab of what it says in the UI. You should be able to delete the dns zones here: Netlify App

Hello SamO, and thanks for your answer.

Here is the message when I try to remove heikki.fr:

And I can’t remove the www.heikki.fr alias too…

And the link you provide to me didn’t allow to remove heikki.fr also, or renew the https certificate.

Thanks for your help!

You’ll need to designate a different primary domain before you can remove your current one from the site

Here is the infinite loop, I can’t designate a different primary domain… (because netlify wait for the certificate, but the certificate waiting for the dns, but I can’t set the dns on heikki.fr, so I want to remove heikki.fr from netlify, but to remove it you must set a different primary domain, and ∞) :

We can help with this - can you specify which domain you’d like set as the primary?

Yes, the primary domain is heikki.studio

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the primary domain to heikki.studio

Thank you very much!

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