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Unable to receive identity email after upgrade + custom smtp server

Hi there,

I am working on a site (https://app-postscriptmedical.netlify.app/) where initially all was working as expected. The user would sign up and the identity-related emails would all get sent and received.

Today, we have updated the identity level to 1 in order to have the emails sent using our domain name. I have followed the instructions on the docs and checked the credentials several times over, checked the junk folder. Unfortunately, the emails no longer work as expected.

We are using PostMark for the transactional emails. Something must be misconfigured somewhere and I am unable to find where or how. I know it is partially working because if I create a new user, I can trigger a password reset via the identity UI and receive the email with our domain as the sender. But none of the emails generated by the identity hooks.

Our custom domain has its DNS handled via Netlify and is: app.postscriptmedical.com

@Postscript-Medical Welcome to the Netlify community.

Just to be clear, are you having an issue with your Gmail mail (which you have set up as your mail handler) or with PostMark e-mails? Your Gmail DNS settings look valid, so you should be receiving e-mail sent to you. If you are asking about e-mails sent via PostMark, I’m not seeing how this could be an issue with Netlify.

hi there @Postscript-Medical -

as a paying customer, you actually have access to our helpdesk! I’ll leave this post open here in case someone else has some things you can try, but if not, then a support engineer will assist you as soon as we have someone available to work your case. they will get in touch via the email address you supplied to us.

For the sake of clarity for anyone else who might come across this topic.

We have Gmail as our mail handler. That worked and still works fine.
Postmark is still sending the other transactional emails correctly.
The SMTP settings were correct.
The identity reset password email would reach the recipient if triggered from Netlify’s UI.
Only the automatic identify-related emails were failing.

All of those clues led me to believe I was missing some step in the configuration, not that there was a bug somewhere. My hope was that someone here would point me to something I had missed.

After a night’s rest and @gregraven comment: I found the missing piece of the puzzle. We also use EmailJS for templating and had changed the name of a couple of templates while doing this round of updates. So, the whole chain was silently failing because we were not catching the error coming from EmailJS when it did not find the correct template thus, none of the steps further down the chain of events would trigger.

Thank you both for responding. Moral of the story: change one thing at a time and test it properly.


Thanks for coming back and sharing this, @Postscript-Medical :netliconfetti: It will definitely be beneficial to future Forums members who encounter something similar.