Unable to login

Hello Netlify I am unable to login to my account, I have 16 website hosted in this platform.
Whenever I try to login with github it take me here

and when I try to login again after reseting it will again comes here.

And when I try to login with email it show blank dashboard and when I refresh it makes me auto logout from netlify account.

Hi @singhsduos,

We’ve responded to this in the helpdesk.

please am having the same problem

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Hi, @guru31440. You are forbidden from using Netlify again, even if you use a different email address for login. If you do access our service again, regardless of the contact information provide, that will be considered an unauthorized and illegal use of our service.

Your login was suspended for running a crypto phishing site. Here is a screenshot of the site you uploaded to our service:

That site above is what we suspended you for. Creating a site like that a criminal act and you are no longer allowed to use our service.