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Unable to Login in other Account

i have an account on Netlify with 2 sites. But i can’t login anymore (“No user found for this email/password”). I can’t also reach this e-mail account anymore, so i’m not able to see the recovery e-mails from you.

So my question is, can you please just delete all the sites that are connected to that account?

The two webpages in question are:


Hi @creativeer,

Unfortunately, we can’t delete the sites without any authorisation from the registered email address.

Ok, and can you delete this account where these sites are included completely, or can i give you my actual e-mail, so i can reach this account?

I’m not sure what you mean. Couldn’t you create a new account and re-deploy the sites again?

Unfortunately, as said before we can’t authorise actions unless they come from the email address on file.