Unable to log in to netlify identity: Error t

Hey all,

Recently I’ve been unable to log in to netlify identity on my site. All that shows is the following AFTER I enter my correct email and password:

and in the console I see:

GET https://wizardly-khorana-0f3d64.dev/.netlify/identity/user 413
Error t at https://d33wubrfki0l68.cloudfront.net/js/4fe19a262f7fbb028a99980397769bee4169ec00/index.js:1:438756

I know for a fact my email and password is correct because if I purposely input the wrong combination I get an invalid password error. Oddly enough even though I cannot log in, the Identity log shows that I have logged in successfully.

It seems like this issue only affected me (perhaps through my user_metadata), as deleting and recreating my account fixed it