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Unable to log in or reset password

Every time I try to log in to my Netlify account I face error message “email and password are required” despite me entering both correctly.

I checked the POST request being sent and both the email and password fields are there.

Even worse, there seems to be no way to recover my account because when I try to reset my password, the email never arrives in my inbox.

Other emails such as the one the registration email for this forum made it to my inbox without an issue.
(For any Netlify support staff: the email is the same as the one I use for this forum)

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Hi @citylights,

You’e also opened a helpdesk ticket. We’d continue there to avoid sharing any personal info in public.

However, for starters, I’ve resent the password reset email. Check if you receive that one. In the logs we can see both the emails are delivered. So do check your spam folders.

If you still don’t receive it, reply to the helpdesk ticket and we’d continue there.

I replied to the ticket with further developments.

It appears that Bitdefender anti-virus was at fault here. Disabling and re-enabling Bitdefender protection fixed the issue. Very bizarre.

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Thanks so much for coming back and updating this thread! We are glad that everything is working now :slight_smile:

The same happened to me, with the message ““email and password are required”” at top of the sign in box.

After disabling Bitdefender, signing in then worked.

I’ve never seen that happen before logging in to Netlify for a couple of years.

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Thanks for sharing this with us! It will definitely be beneficial for future Forums members :slight_smile: