Unable to edit Netlify CMS content on live site

How can I get the existing pages on the live site to be available in the cms so I can edit/update?

Hey there!

In short, you can usually navigate to yourdomain.com/admin to access the ‘live’ CMS editor.

I get this when I do that.

Here is the config.yml

name: git-gateway
branch: master

media_folder: static/img
public_folder: /img


  • name: ‘doc’
    label: ‘Doc’
    folder: ‘content/doc’
    create: true
    slug: ‘index’
    media_folder: ‘’
    public_folder: ‘’
    path: ‘{{title}}/index’
    preview: true
    • { label: ‘Title’, name: ‘title’, widget: ‘string’ }
    • { label: ‘Publish Date’, name: ‘date’, widget: ‘datetime’ }
    • { label: ‘Description’, name: ‘description’, widget: ‘string’ }
    • { label: ‘Body’, name: ‘body’, widget: ‘markdown’ }

Hey @Esther,
I followed up over here ----> Error loading the CMS config