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Unable to deploy website

I have seen and followed some answer that given by expert like there is no package.json file. But still having error. Is it because of I use Git pages? And My Package.json’s path is:

JayPatelPortfolio ->

We’d need the deploy log from Netlify to know what’s wrong. Also, from your folder structure it looks like you’re publishing a website that’s already built. So, you might want to publish the public folder. However, if you’re not having pre-built website and need Netlify to build it, you’d need to set it up accordingly. Also, your github.io website would run independently of your Netlify website. So, give us information like how you’re trying to build or publish the website.

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You need a package.json file! There’s a bit about how any why in our docs. Get that added in the correct path and you’ll be good to go.

I do have package.json file. I don’t get that why I’m getting error like no such file

Must be in the wrong location. This file should typically reside in the root directory of your repo (or your base directory, in Netlify build config terms).

If we can have a link to the repository, we can debug better. I found this one: https://github.com/JayPatel1447/JayPatelPortfolio, but it doesn’t seem to be in sync with the folder structure that you mentioned.