Unable to deploy sites on Netlify, getting response: "You have reached a limit for sites. Please contact support for further assistance."

Hi Netlify Team,

While deploying site on Netlify, I am getting error : “You have reached a limit for sites. Please contact support for further assistance.”

The starter-free plan of Netlify shows unlimited deployment. More over I can see my Bandwidth usage and Build Limit hasn’t reached the limit.
I would like to understand the issue here.


There’s a soft limit of (approximately) 350 websites. This is to prevent Spam and the Support Team can raise the limit for you.

Hi @hrishikesh

Currently, there are 500 sites created on my account. Is there any support doc published where the exact limit is mentioned?

PS: I don’t have a pro account to connect with support team directly.

I am not sure how you got till 500. Here’s a similar thread: Help! App stopped working as websites are not deploying - #7 by fool with an official Netlify response.

hi ramit,

is the email associated with your netlify account r****.d******@g*******e.com? I will take a look at your account and see if we can raise the limit!

Hi @perry,

Yes, that email is correct. Thanks for your support.

hey @Ramit_Dhamija , we have bumped your site creation limit up to 1000 sites. Enjoy!

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Hi @perry

Thanks for increasing the site limit.
I wanted to confirm if there’s any limit set in pro plan as well?

PS: I could not see the site creation limit on Netlify pricing page.

hi @Ramit_Dhamija ,

there is no limit per se to the best of my knowledge, but we do set some requirements for customers to check in with us from time to time as they add sites.

The reason for this is that it is too dangerous for us to remove the guardrails completely, as that has, in the past, allowed malicious sites, spammers, fraud, etc to abuse our system. This applies to both Starter and Pro, I believe. Let me know if you have further questions!