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Unable to deploy my site

When I trying to deploy my site it’s throwing a error as "Failed during stage ‘Reading and parsing configuration files’: "

Need help on this, Need to know where I was done the mistake, kindly help.

Hi @Yasin,

Your current forums email is not associated with any Netlify account. If you could give us the site name, we can investigate it further.

sure, I’ll share it.

@hrishikesh Is this: Netlify App ?

You should remove project from Base directory as your repo doesn’t have a project folder:

thank you, but even give exact folder name, it doesn’t working, Do I need to clone the repo in my local machine?

please give the solution sir, If you need any additional information kindly let me know.

I said, you need to remove the project text from the settings. Leave it blank, it would work.

I’ve done what you’ve mentioned but now its thrown error as attached image.

It’s because your repo doesn’t have a package.json. You need that file with the dependencies needed to build the app.

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Thanks a lot for your support, can you at last can you please guide to deploy the site and what are the files(Json file or how to create guides) need to be contain to deploy the site.

Hi @Yasin,

That would be a big topic and there are already countless guides and documents around the interne on how to do that. So, I won’t go into a lot of details, but in short, you’ve 2 ways to deploy to Netlify that are the easiest. There are more ways, but that’s not so important for now.

Method 1 - Setup Continuous Deployment through a Git provider:

Most people use this. Basically, you upload the source code of your website to a Git provider like GitHub, connect Netlify to it and that’s it. You push to your repo, Netlify will build your website. To do this, you need to setup a repo which has all the source code of your website along with some instructional files. One of the most important files is package.json (in case of Node.js based projects). This file contain all your dependencies and other meta info about the project. Without this file, Netlify won’t know what dependencies to install and thus, won’t be able to build your website. You can generate a package.json by installing the required dependencies, for example npm i netlify-cli.

Method 2 - Manual Deploy:

There’s a huge number of people still using this for various reason. In this, you build your website locally and simply drag-n-drop the generated folder to Netlify. Once you do that, Netliy publishes the website live.

As I said before, to know more in detail, you’d have to read other documentations, watch videos, etc.

Thanks a lot for your lightning response, I’ll take care of it here after, Thank you so much again.