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Unable to Deploy Gatsby via Netlify will not install correct NPM version

I have been unable to successfully build my gatsby site when deploying to Netlify. I have been able to generate it offline, and build successfully via Gatsby, but when I go to deploy, Netlify is unable to use the correct version of NPM.

I have attempted to override that with environment variables, and in the package.json, but nothing has worked.

I have only encountered this error when building from the gatsby-starter-blog template

Netlify App

Hi @jaggre

If I read this correctly, you are setting the node/npm version in the package.json file? Environment variables such as NODE_VERSION or NPM_VERSION are set either in the Netlify UI or in a netlify.toml in the root of your repository.

Unfortunately the deploy log you linked to is either non-existent or not public so I am unable to offer anything specific to the error occurring as I do not know what the error is.