Unable to delete unused forms?

In figuring out how to get a form to work I ended up with 2 unused forms that I seem unable to delete.
Am I missing something or is there no way to remove old/unused forms on the back end?

My site is https://therapeuteperinatalite.com
and I want to keep only the perinatalite-contact form

Is this something support can do for me?

Hey @swhinck,
You’re not missing anything- for the time being, form deletion is a manual process :cry: Since that’s the state of things today (though won’t be forever!), it’d help us if next time you tell us the name of the forms you want deleted, not the ones you want to keep. Slightly less room for error on our end that way. At any rate, got those deleted for you! :broom::broom:

Let us know if you need anything else.

Ok great yes I see that they have been removed. Thank you for the help!